Earlier this month, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez shocked the country with her tweets about migrant detainees being forced to drink from toilets:

It was only after people pointed out that these alleged “drinking toilets” actually had attached sinks with potable water that AOC was forced to clarify her earlier statements:

Today, nearly a month after her backpedal, AOC’s still trying to gaslight the rest of us about what she said. After GOP Rep. Jody Hice reminded people yesterday about AOC’s literally unbelievable accounts of her visit:

Newsweek journalist Chantal Da Silva ran to AOC’s rescue:

And AOC was so grateful, she retweeted it so all her followers could see what an honest person she is:

It’s pretty clear who’s misleading people, actually. It’s AOC.


Parting evergreen tweet.



‘So she lied’? Looks like AOC just got royally busted for lying about her ‘horrifying’ experience at a CBP detention center; UPDATED