As Twitchy told you earlier this week, PolitiFact went to bat hard for AOC to save her from the mean ol’ meanies who criticized her for staging a weepy photo op outside of an empty parking lot at a Border Patrol facility. She wasn’t crying outside of an empty parking lot, you haters! She was crying outside of an empty road, which is totally different!

Well anyway, Jim Treacher at our sister site PJ Media covered PolitiFact’s absurd white-knighting as well by issuing an “IMPORTANT CORRECTION” to his original post from late June:

As we all know, it’s important to make people aware of major corrections. But when Treacher attempted to post his corrected post to Facebook, Facebook tried to stop him:

Go figure.

We’d love to know what “false news” Treacher was attempting to share or publish. As far as we can tell, there was nothing false in his post.