The walls appear to be closing in on Jessica Yaniv. After initially making a name for him/herself for filing human rights complaints against female aestheticians who refused to wax his/her genitals, Yaniv has become more famous — or, rather, infamous — as of late for allegedly sexually preying on women and especially young girls.

And now, at least one of his alleged victims has come forward with further disturbing charges against Yaniv:

According to the Post Millennial, the alleged victim, 20-year-old Jessica Rumpel, was 14 when Yaniv’s inappropriate conduct allegedly began.

More from the Post Millennial:

“At first, I thought, you know, this guy seems to have some kind of mental issues of some sort.” She says, “I didn’t think he was a predator at first.”

Rumpel states that Yaniv sent her a series of disturbing questions while anonymous, before adding her to the private messenger application Kik. Kik is known to law enforcement for its notoriously poor protection of children, and its routine usage by pedophiles to message each other and their victims. According to Rumpel, Yaniv allegedly presented himself as a young male in his “late twenties,” and claims that he used pictures of himself when he was younger in their initial conversation.

Read the whole thing … if you can stomach it.

These are very serious allegations and it should go without saying that further investigation is necessary. But it should also go without saying that Jessica Yaniv is clearly a disturbed individual at best and should stay far away from young women.