In case you managed to miss the tragic story of Jessica Yaniv, here’s a quick recap:

In 2018, Yaniv [born Jonathan Yaniv] filed 16 human rights complaints with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal, charging various waxing and esthetic salon workers with transphobic discrimination for declining to provide waxing and other beautification services to her male genitals.

Each of these salons or salon workers had specifically indicated they only provided intimate area services to female clients, or had challenged Yaniv on her gender due to her then-male name being used on social media, and male presenting photograph. It is worth noting that Yaniv used male pronouns and her male name on her LinkedIn and various social media as late as November of 2018.

Of the 16 defendants, many are women of colour with religious and/or cultural backgrounds which would have regulated or otherwise made it strictly uncomfortable to have close interaction with male genitals.

Yaniv’s complaints were effectively asserting that it should be made a legal precedent that female estheticians not be allowed to refuse male-bodied clients. Not on religious grounds. Not on cultural grounds. Not because of their comfort level. Not even because they did not have the professional skills or equipment required to successfully perform the very specific “manzillian” procedure.  They simply should not be allowed to refuse contact with a penis, period.

In short, Yaniv is stunning and brave.

Leave it to self-described “problematic” Ricky Gervais to try to smear Yaniv’s good name:

You might want to grab a snack or at least a drink. Gervais provides the show:


It’s not?!

But it wasn’t the end of the discussion.

Gervais makes it quite clear that his beef is with Yaniv and what he/she did; not with the trans community as a whole.

One would think.

Yaniv indeed has his/her own highly problematic history.

Definitely sounds like someone whose genitalia unwilling women of color should be forced to wax.

It is simple. What it’s not, however, is woke. And you know what? That’s a good thing. Gervais, unlike Yaniv’s defenders, is actually standing up for feminism. Real feminism.


Seriously, though. Kudos to Gervais. He’s getting all kinds of woke pushback and doesn’t give a damn. One could argue he’s showing a hell of a lot more bollocks than even Yaniv.



Another fun little Yaniv tidbit:

There’s seriously so much more hell where that came from.

But Gervais is the bad guy.