As Twitchy told you, AOC and her so-called “squad” of bigoted sorority sisters did themselves few favors with their press conference condemning Donald Trump’s recent remarks about them. Ilhan Omar in particular made a fool of herself, running with debunked narratives (“collusion,” anyone?) and pushing ahead with impeachment talk despite Nancy Pelosi.

She also refused to answer a very straightforward question about her ideology:

This was a chance for Ilhan Omar to prove her critics wrong … and she failed. Miserably.

She probably thought that she was owning Trump by refusing to “dignify” that question with an answer. In reality, she only gave her critics more ammunition with which to destroy her. Omar has a history of sympathizing with terrorists and communists. Hell, immediately after the press conference today, she refused to condemn Saturday’s attack on a Tacoma ICE facility by an Antifa terrorist.

Of course she couldn’t do it. This may be the one thing she can’t bring herself to lie about — but she can’t bring herself to tell the truth, either. Because that would require admitting that she’s the garbage person we know her to be.

Parting food for thought: