Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has spent most of her highly valuable time this week painting CBP officers with a broad brush, accusing them of abusing detainees, forcing them to drink from toilets, and withholding basic necessities (not to mention physically and sexually threatening her). She has thus far failed to present any compelling evidence to substantiate her claims, so while she looks for some, Tucson Border Patrol Sector Chief Agent Roy Villareal would like to present some evidence that AOC is full of it:

Doesn’t exactly look like a “concentration camp,” does it?

Well, these facilities weren’t meant to handle the number of people CBP is currently trying to process. Policies like the ones AOC has been advocating have contributed directly to overcrowding. AOC voted against funding that would allow CBP to purchase more supplies, and encouraged Wayfair employees to stop manufacturing beds for migrant children. So if nothing else, she’s given CBP agent like Roy Villareal plenty to push back against.

It’s possible that conditions at the Tucson facility are not representative of those across all detention facilities along the southern border. But it does seem fair to say that AOC was wrong and dishonest to smear CBP as a whole. There are bound to be some bad apples in the bunch, but it’s unfair to smear them all as racist terrorists when so many of them are just trying to do their jobs under such extraordinary and difficult circumstances.



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