It’s not just the media who are trying to make the most of that heartbreaking image of the drowned El Salvadoran migrant and his toddler daughter; Democratic politicians are doing it, too.

But it’s arguably more egregious when the Democratic politicians do it, because they’ve put so much effort into undermining Republicans’ attempts to procure funding to address the border crisis — after spending so much time dismissing concerns about the border crisis. Earlier today, the Daily Wire called out Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer for his glaring hypocrisy with regard to concern about the border crisis:

“Twisted” is right. Using two dead migrants to take shots at Donald Trump is absolutely disgusting.

As the Democrats have demonstrated so many times, especially recently, they’re the ones using migrants as pawns in their demented political games.

They’re willing to let migrant children continue to suffer in order to paint Republicans as heartless, even if it means actively working to make already-bad conditions at detention centers even worse.

Shame on them.

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