Maybe it’s just us, but out of respect for the families of the victims, we’d hesitate to plaster the photos of two dead bodies all over, but this is certainly going to be the typical response:

Maybe he’s a sociopath, then, but Raheem Kassam, global editor-in-chief of Human Events, says get ready for the photo of a drowned father and daughter to go viral — on purpose.

CNN, under the headline “Shocking image emerges of migrant father and child drowned at the US-Mexico border,” aired photos of the bodies, with the warning, “WARNING: DISTURBING VIDEO” overlaid over the images of the bodies … in case you’d missed the “graphic content” warning.

CNN reports:

In the photo, the bodies have come to rest near a river bank where five discarded beer cans and an empty soda bottle sit in the tall reeds. Another beer can floats next to the girl’s body.

Salvadoran officials said the father and daughter drowned on Sunday. Their bodies were found Monday.

Salvadoran Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexandra Hill said the government is working with Mexican authorities to repatriate the remains.

She called on those who plan to migrate to the United States illegally to refrain from doing so.

“Our county is in mourning, again. I beg you, to all the families, parents, don’t risk it,” she said, according to a CNN translation. “Life is worth a lot more.”

Maybe we’re sociopaths too, although we do find the photo heartbreaking; the girl was only 2 years old. What we’re not looking forward too, though, is the drowning blamed on the Trump administration. Back to Kassam:

We’re sharing it, only because we know it will be everywhere and somehow be used as an argument for … open borders? We’re pretty sure at least one Democrat will have the photo enlarged and on display on an easel in Congress soon.

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Here’s how the New York Times tweaked its headline:

Jake Tapper’s on it: