We all know what a genius Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is, but even geniuses need help defending their decisions to mischaracterize detention centers and crap on Holocaust victims. That’s why AOC’s spent the past day retweeting supporters who are running interference for her deranged remarks.

George Takei is one of the lucky fans whose tweet on the subject AOC deemed worthy of sharing:

Does George know who put him in there? Here’s a hint: It’s the same guy AOC has hailed for his dedication to human rights.

We’re not here to dismiss what Takei, his family, and countless other Japanese Americans were subjected to when they were put into internment camps. Being rounded up and imprisoned because of your race is unconscionable. But for Takei to liken modern-day detention centers for illegal immigrants to concentration camps requires a staggering amount of intellectual dishonesty. And you bet we’re going to call him out for that.

It’s not. Takei is attempting to turn apples into oranges and exposing his ignorance — not to mention trivializing his own experience — in the process.

And their memories:

Takei and friends would do well to consider this thread from Brandon Morse: