Actress Amber Tamblyn claims to be a feminist, but she doesn’t seem to have much faith in American women when it comes to their electoral prospects. Earlier this year, she pre-emptively explained why none of the women candidates will get far in the presidential race:

And last month, she did it again:

Stephen Miller, aka @redsteeze, couldn’t help but notice that once again, Tamblyn left off a woman widely considered to be a viable presidential contender someday:

Well, Stephen, it just so happens that Tamblyn is more than willing to offer her unconditional support to Haley — with conditions, of course:

Oh, she can play this game … she just really, really sucks at it:


If by “amazing,” you mean “totally predictable,” then yes. It’s amazing. Amber Tamblyn isn’t good at much, but when it comes to stepping on rakes, she’s tough to top.

We can!

That was just too perfect.

Never ever.



Amber Tamblyn writes off ANY possibility of a woman president (especially Nikki Haley), HARSH reality checks ensue

Attention Amber Tamblyn: Nikki Haley has a new Twitter handle if you’d like to follow her

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