As Twitchy very recently reported, actress Amber Tamblyn suggested that it’s pretty much futile for any woman to believe she can be elected president, rattling off a list made up exclusively of Democratic 2020 hopefuls, of course.

She did amend her tweet an hour and a half later, though, when support for Republican Nikki Haley began pouring in. Does Amy Klobuchar have a chance? No. But Haley?

Oh, we’re certain liberal outlets like The New York Times and The Washington Post already have hit pieces started just in case Haley decides to run, but they’ll almost certainly ignore that she’s a woman (as they do with Republican women) and hit her on her hateful, far-right policies.

By the way, Haley on Wednesday announced that she has a new Twitter handle now that she’s no longer ambassador to the United Nations.

Here’s a woman who has huge support — will the Democrats cross the aisle to help elect America’s first woman president?

Of course not. They tear down conservative women, so just keep crying about Hillary Clinton and making more excuses for why she lost in 2016.