Elizabeth Warren’s announcement of an exploratory committee looking about a likely 2020 run for the Democrat nomination has brought with it some people saying she’s too “unlikeable” to be elected, which of course has the “sexist” card being tossed onto the table very early on in the 2020 election cycle:

However, actress Amber Tamblyn (“Inside Amy Schumer,” “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”) says that it’s pretty much futile for any woman to believe she can be elected President of the United States:

But what about Republican women, such as Nikki Haley? Tamblyn responded to that after just those kinds of replies:

But if liberals are against a conservative woman running for president, we’re guessing they won’t accept “sexism” as a reason for their opposition.

And liberals no doubt wouldn’t accept “sexism” as a reason they’d oppose somebody like Nikki Haley ever running for president:

Ha! Yeah, we’ll wait for it.

So it’s settled then:

LMAO! Yeah, just wait and see someday.