As Twitchy told you, Joe Biden tried to turn his touchy-feely style into a punchline at his speech today:

For the record, Lucy Flores, one of the women who has accused Biden of inappropriate touching, was not amused:

It seems pretty safe to say that Joe Biden’s non-apology apology isn’t going to fly with Flores.

A lot of angry Biden fans wouldn’t mind if Flores would dismiss herself:

We reckon that prominent #MeToo torchbearers like Alyssa Milano minimizing the allegations against Joe Biden — who has a long, publicly documented history of touching women and girls inappropriately — do a lot more to minimize the #MeToo movement.

Attempts like this from the media to run interference for Biden don’t do #MeToo any favors, either:

One thing’s for sure: If Biden had an (R) after his name, the people directing their anger at Flores would be singing a very different tune.