It’s been an awkward few days for Hollywood, what with Jussie Smollett being arrested for staging a hate crime hoax and all. A lot of celebrities have a lot of tweets to flush down the memory hole.

But not every celeb who voiced their unequivocal support for stunningly brave Jussie Smollett is attempting to slink away silently. Some are just full-on embracing the opportunity to stick their feet in their mouths just a little bit more. Like actress Sheryl Lee Ralph, for instance:

So, Jussie Smollett wrote her a check once, and that makes him a good person? The check he wrote to the two men he recruited to help him perpetrate the bogus hate crime actually suggests he’s kind of a really bad person. And also a really stupid person. Ralph isn’t sounding too bright right about now, either.

But Jussie Smollett was morally right, because Donald Trump. No, really:

So let’s cut him some slack, OK?

Collateral damage in the War for Wokeness.