As Twitchy told you, “Very Senior Democratic Strategist” and former Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez campaign staffer Waleed Shahid is practically peeing himself with excitement because #GreenNewDeal is trending nationally on Twitter.

But if we were him, we’d change our pants and go find a cave to crawl into, because here’s where the Green New Deal is at right now:

One might say it’s vanished like a cow’s fart in the wind.

So, what prompted the memory-holing attempt? The typos? The atrocious grammar? The mind-numbingly terrible policy proposals?

Maybe it was all of the above.

We’re officially over the cliffs of parody now. This is amazing.

If we were Democrats, we definitely would. But thank goodness we’re not. Because honestly, we can’t wait to see how much stupider this gets. We haven’t been entertained like this in a long, long time.