This afternoon, Savannah Guthrie tweeted about her upcoming interview with Covington Catholic student Nicholas Sandmann:

Guess how that’s going.

Never mind that Phillips has been interviewed multiple times — and lied through his teeth.

Meanwhile, the outrage being directed at Guthrie and Sandmann help to reveal the truth about the so-called Tolerant Left.

Here’s just a taste:

Oh, you mean “the other videos” that don’t feature any Covington students? Those videos?

There was no blackface, and it wasn’t a Covington student who said rape is OK. But these people are seriously arguing that Phillips should be able to lie with impunity while Sandmann doesn’t deserve a platform to set the record straight.

Absolutely vile. And there are thousands more (14,000-plus and counting) where that came from.

It’s sickening. And also revealing.

So would we.



Now that some footage of the interview has been posted:

Watch the freakout escalate even more.