Here we go again…

There’s a new viral video flying around Twitter — 60,000+ retweets, 150,000+ likes — that allegedly shows a group of Covington Catholic HS students harassing two women as they walk past. The video, however, offers no proof that these are actually Covington Catholic students or what happened before the video starts:

More from the woman who posted the video:

The clip was quickly picked up by verified media accounts, like this one from Vincent Schilling, associate editor of @IndianCountry, who helped push the other Covington videos:

And she’s in demand for interviews!

Well, we do hope her past and now-deleted tweets get covered in these interviews…

Everyone knows you delete the evidence BEFORE you post the viral content. Sheesh:

She didn’t even delete this one on Mitt Romney yet. Screenshot:

The proper reaction to the video, even without knowing about her problematic tweets, is to question it and ask for more information:

And this is a great thread from AG Conservative on it: