Everyone (rightly) concerned over Donald Trump’s threat to take control of the border wall situation through executive powers should also give New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio a listen. Because de Blasio’s on a power trip of his own:

More from Reason:

“The city’s worst landlords will have a new sheriff to fear,” de Blasio said, calling the new agency (which he created on the spot by signing an executive order) a “new arm of city government that will root out the worst landlord abuse.”

As the New York Daily News notes, the city already has an Office of Tenant Advocate. However, it has not yet been funded, according to the Progressive Caucus of the New York City Council.

So what will the Office to Protect Tenants do? De Blasio didn’t really explain, though his executive order says it will serve as a “central resource for tenants, social service agencies, advocacy organizations, legal services providers, landlords and management companies of affordable housing, and others on tenant issues,” including “tenant harassment.”

According to his office’s website, De Blasio is “pursuing new local law to seize upwards of 40 of the most distressed multiple dwelling buildings annually and transition them to responsible, mission driven ownership.” Passage of this legislation would presumably give the Office to Protect Tenants the authority to seize land.

Anyone else think that’s creepy as hell?

This is par for the course with de Blasio. But that doesn’t make it any less disturbing.



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