Remember earlier this week when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez went ballistic on PolitiFact and the Washington Post for daring to fact-check some of her many lies and error-laden statements? She managed to squeeze some contrition out of PolitiFact after calling them out:

We’ll say this much for her: She gets results. Because now, New York Magazine suddenly sees the error of fact checkers’ ways:

More from the Intelligencer:

In other words: Like every other politician in D.C., Ocasio-Cortez seeks to downplay the potential costs of her policy preferences, while spotlighting their benefits (especially when giving interviews on national television).

That this habit is ubiquitous among politicians does not mean that journalists should indulge it. It’s perfectly legitimate for reporters to ask members of Congress about the trade-offs inherent to their proposals. And when a congresswoman implies that such questions betray an indifference to moral truth, it’s understandable that some reporters take exception.

And yet, Ocasio-Cortez’s critiques of “fact check” journalism are also valid. The nonpartisan political media does often obscure the moral stakes of policy debates beneath semantical nitpicking. And which truths and falsehoods the mainstream press chooses to spotlight — and which it leaves unscrutinized — does reflect the ideological biases of the “objective” press.

Gee, how come nobody seemed to notice any issues with the media’s ideological biases until Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez threw a tantrum?

We’ve been calling out ostensible “fact checking” outlets like PolitiFact and the Washington Post for years, but it’s only now that it’s fair to question how their bias affects their judgment? When Donald Trump accuses the media of bias, it’s a veritable assault on our democracy. When Ocasio-Cortez does it, it’s stunning and brave.

Forgive us if we find all of this very irritating.

Evidently not. Because meanwhile:




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