If Elizabeth Warren had a Native American name, it might be Digs Her Own Grave. Because after everything she’s put herself through today, she’s somehow convinced herself that the solution is to ride this crazy train right off the cliff:

“Creepy physical threats.” We can’t even.


Hey, Elizabeth, would the Boston Globe you’re citing be the same Boston Globe that couldn’t even get their math right with regard to your DNA results? Also, that article hardly backs up her claim that her alleged “heritage played no role in [her] hiring.” As Twitchy told you last month, the headline for that Globe article Warren links to had been changed to erase any mention of her claiming Native American ancestry. And if her “heritage” didn’t help to advance her career, then why did she allow Harvard Law School to believe that she was a “woman of color”? Inquiring minds wanna know. But first, let her persist in her self-immolation:

Deflect! Deflect! Deflect!

Not as deep as your grave, though, Elizabeth dear.

She’s coming unglued before our very eyes. And we’re not sure there’s enough popcorn in the world for this show.

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She’s still going, you guys:

We don’t know … he doesn’t sound nearly as scared as you right now, Elizabeth.

Not if the Democrats keep going like this, they won’t. The only thing that’ll be busted is their dream of a Blue Wave.

We were right earlier in our post: No way is there enough popcorn for this.



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