As Twitchy told you last night, Fox News shared a letter from an ex-boyfriend of Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford. The letter revealed, among other things, that Ford had allegedly coached a friend on taking a polygraph test.

CNN didn’t see fit to cover that for some reason. But today, they saw an opportunity to frame just right:

More from CNN:

A friend of Christine Blasey Ford is speaking out publicly for the first time to deny an allegation that Ford lied during testimony when she said she had never given advice on how to take a polygraph.

Monica McLean, a retired FBI agent and friend of Ford, told CNN that the “allegations are completely false.”

She told CNN that she is furious that her reputation is now being called into question by a “lie” that has thrust her into the national spotlight. McLean spoke to CNN after a sworn declaration questioning the veracity of Ford’s testimony was leaked to Fox News after being provided to the Judiciary Committee.

Daily Wire senior editor Ashe Schow, for one, isn’t terribly impressed with this CNN attempt at journalism:

And look what else they did:

Because journalism.

So the brave firefighters have taken to burning people now. That’s neat.

The devil, you say!

And the kicker:




NEW: Friend denies Dr. Ford helped her with polygraph exam, but questions remain