As Twitchy told you, Julie Swetnick has joined the elite club of Brett Kavanaugh accusers whose case against Kavanaugh bears a striking resemblance to Swiss cheese. Aside from never actually saying in her sworn declaration that she herself was one of Kavanaugh’s victims, she also let slip that she continued to attend the parties where rampant gang rape was allegedly taking place.

But even setting all that aside, Swetnick’s decision join forces with Michael Avenatti makes for pretty compelling evidence that she’s got a credibility problem:

We read the declaration, and nowhere in it did Swetnick say that she was a victim of a sex-crazed Brett Kavanaugh.

So, Avenatti basically just admitted that Swetnick’s declaration failed to deliver on the goods.

Also, Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers really have sh*tty taste in attorneys.

You have chosen poorly, Julie Swetnick.

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