If liberals would devote half the energy they expend tossing around Nazi comparisons to making coherent arguments, they might actually have a chance this November.

But they don’t, so they won’t. Guys like John Legend and Kumail Nanjiani are evidently determined to make sure the Democratic Party goes down in flames:

And a surefire way to be taken seriously is to not compare what’s happening at the border to the Holocaust. We didn’t think this was difficult, but it seems we were wrong.

It’s not smart, either. But that’s never stopped Nanjiani before.

Or else be doomed to repeat it. Over and over again.

Apparently Kumail Nanjiani doesn’t, either.



Annnnnd here’s Judd Apatow again to bat cleanup:

Keep up the great work, guys!



‘Evil racist f*ckers’! Judd Apatow does his part to ensure that Trump will ‘be president for life’

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