NowThis is a supposed “news” outlet that’s perfected the art of cherry-picking and splicing footage to create videos that push a narrative to make conservatives look bad. They did it with Nikki Haley earlier this month, and today, they dropped one to prove that conservatives gave Michelle Obama a raw deal:

That’s not nearly as inflammatory as NowThis meant it to be. But even if you concede that some of the criticisms leveled at Michelle Obama were unfair — and some of them absolutely were — the idea that they were all driven by racism is ridiculous. But that’s exactly the argument that director Judd Apatow is trying to make:

Apatow certainly seems to have lost his mind. If he thinks the key to a blue wave is to denounce anyone who ever criticized Michelle Obama as “evil racist f*ckers,” he’s setting himself up for a major disappointment this fall.

It’s the attitudes of sneering lefties like Apatow that helped make Trump the GOP nominee and ultimately swept him into office. And at the rate they’re going, it’s that attitude that’s going to propel him to another term.

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