With Maxine Waters openly advocating violence against members of the Trump administration, Democrats are once again on the fast track to blowing it. S.E. Cupp was one of many to point that out today:

She’s right, of course. But singer John Legend, who’s never waded into a political ocean that’s not too deep for him, took issue with Cupp’s spot-on assessment:

Yeah, who are these “hypotheticals”?

You’re damn right, he is.

But that’s OK, because when Republicans get hurt, they deserve it.

Exactly. A sitting congresswoman encouraging violence against her political opponents should matter to everyone, of any political persuasion. But it apparently doesn’t matter to John Legend.

In other words, she needs to stop wearing such short skirts. Sure, John. Go with that. See how far it gets you. We’re guessing you’re going to be very disappointed.