As Twitchy told you yesterday, in a ridiculously smug interview with Variety, the ridiculously smug Jim Acosta suggested that Trump voters “don’t have all their faculties.” Acosta got plenty of pushback over those remarks, but today, he’d like to set the record straight:

Oh, well. In that case, he’s totally vindicated! Or … not.

“Not referring to Trump supporters”? Could’ve fooled us, Jimbo.

Come on, Jim. You can do better than that.


Pretty hilarious to see Acosta try to stake out the moral high ground when he’s got one foot in the grave he’s been digging for himself.

What Acosta — and many of his fellow Real Journalists™ — are not doing is any real examination of their own shortcomings.

Acosta certainly made no such demands. Wonder why that is …

When Jim Acosta decides to shine the blinding spotlight on himself and the rest of the MSM, maybe we’ll take him more seriously. Until then, he’ll keep getting treated like the colossal joke that he is.

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