As Twitchy told you yesterday, Sean Hannity’s apparent failure to disclose his shady relationship with Trump lawyer Michael Cohen may represent a conflict of interest. Hannity had Cohen on his Fox News show several times and also used his show as a platform to defend Cohen from critics and after the FBI raided his office.

The possibility that there’s a conflict of interest is certainly a valid concern, but it rings a little hollow coming from certain members of the mainstream media. Take MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, for example:

So, Fox News is not a “serious news org”? As opposed to, say, MSNBC?

It really is something.

Depending on the situation, Hannity tends to go back and forth with regards to whether or not he’s an actual journalist. But someone like George Stephanopoulos consistently represents himself as a journalist. So how is something like this not a conflict of interest?

And there’s lots more where that came from:

Why are journalists only up in arms over Hannity?

We’ll pass, thanks. Oh, and by the way:

So it’s not OK to be chummy with Trump’s lawyer, but it’s totally fine to report on and interview Hillary Clinton after throwing a party for her comms director? Funny, that.

We sure are.



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