In case you were looking for a reminder that Michael Ian Black is an ignorant jackass, this oughtta do the trick. Here’s what he tweeted in response to reports of an active shooter situation at YouTube HQ:

That’s his first thought. Not, “This is horrible” or “Please let no one be seriously hurt.” But “politicize the f*ck out of it.” Shame on him.

Yep. Says that he’s a soulless ghoul.

He can’t.

No time. Those graves aren’t gonna dance on themselves.

We’ll just leave this here:



Black literally cannot help himself:

Sick. He’s sick.



He’s still at it:

Well, at least he’s honest about that.

Clearly Michael has never actually tried to buy a gun. If he had, he’d know that that’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works. But none of that matters, because narrative!



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