As Twitchy told you yesterday, David Hogg had a chance to take the high road after Laura Ingraham apologized for mocking his getting rejected from four colleges — and he completely blew it.

Today on Andrea Mitchell’s show, he doubled down on the petulant jackassery:

She’s a bully? She needs to be held accountable? For someone as in love with himself as much as David Hogg is, you’d think he’d’ve checked the mirror before making such a bold assertion.

Civility’s a two-way street, David. Laura Ingraham said something incredibly stupid and classless, but so do you. Regularly. And unlike you, she actually swallowed her pride and apologized.

Hogg loves to throw his weight around, threatening and maligning anyone who doesn’t bend to his will or buy into his hype — and then play the “Hey, I’m Just a Kid!” card the second anyone tries to hold him accountable for his words or actions. He needs to put those stones down before he shatters what little is left of his glass house.