On Sunday night, Stoneman Douglas High School student Jesse Guttenberg, whose sister was murdered by Nikolas Cruz, tweeted about the new rule requiring clear backpacks:

Pro-gun-rights Stoneman Douglas student Kyle Kashuv responded to Guttenberg’s tweet with “Instead, let’s violate our Constitution?” Which rubbed his pro-gun-control classmate Cameron Kasky the wrong way:

When Kashuv realized who Guttenberg was, he deleted his tweet and apologized — profusely:

Kashuv apologized, which some might argue was above and beyond what he needed to do.

Kashuv’s tweet wasn’t malicious or personal, but he took the high road and apologized anyway. You know who hasn’t apologized for malicious, personal attacks? Cameron Kasky.

Kasky doesn’t have an excuse. And he doesn’t think he needs one. After all, he’s pushing the right agenda, which confers immunity upon him and anyone who agrees with him. And if you don’t agree with him? Well, then, all bets are off.

Here’s a reminder of what Cameron Kasky’s father Jeff said to Ryan Petty, whose daughter Alaina was among those murdered by Nikolas Cruz:

It’s not a stretch to say that that’s much nastier than what Kashuv tweeted at Jesse Guttenberg. Yet Kashuv apologized — and Kasky did not.

Cameron Kasky’s self-righteous scolding of Kashuv was, put quite simply, an excuse to attack him — and to not engage with him.

Kasky knows he doesn’t stand a chance if he goes toe-to-toe with Kashuv. And now, everyone else knows it, too.

Editor’s note: This post has been updated with an additional tweet.



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