Jimmy Kimmel is nothing if not self-righteous and cocky, so when he tweeted this yesterday afternoon, he no doubt thought it was pretty clever:

As it turned out, this year’s Oscars could indeed be worse than last year’s.

That virtue signaling monologue wound up kicking off what could most charitably be described as a ratings dumpster fire.

And how!

More from Entertainment Weekly:

Hollywood had a lot to say at Sunday night’s Oscars ceremony, but unfortunately, not everyone heard the message: Early ratings appear to indicate it was the, if not one of the, least-viewed telecasts in history.

According to a round-up of local Nielsen markets, the Academy Awards was down 16 percent to an 18.9 household rating, down from last year’s near-low of 22.4. That’s also down from the prior lowest ratings on record — a 21.9 household rating from 2008.

Bummer, man.


If we were Jimmy Kimmel, we’d quit while we’re behind.



And there it is:




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