CNN’s really going all in on the hackery today. Here are the Cliffs Notes in case you missed it all:

  1. ‘Breathtaking dishonesty’: Chris Cuomo apple-bananas himself over totally bogus story about 20-year-old buying an AR-15
  2. ‘Despicable’! CNN gets HAMMERED for what they did to this Trump supporter
  3. CNN host Van Jones retweets conspiracy theory claiming mass shootings are committed by Republicans
  4. ‘This ISN’T journalism’: CNN gets BUSTED for this SHAMELESS gun control ‘activist hackery’
  5. Chris Cuomo asks how people like Adam Lanza — who murdered his mother and stole *her* guns — are allowed to have access to guns ?

Well, we’ve got good news, everyone: The party’s not over yet. Ladies and gentlemen, Brooke Baldwin:

It seems there’s a very fine line between journalism and activism. So fine, in fact, that CNN can’t even see it.

Thoroughly. Not only is she obviously — not to mention rudely — pushing an agenda, but she’s spewing absolute nonsense. She genuinely has no clue what she’s talking about.

Why would any conservative give CNN the benefit of the doubt at this point?

Keep it up, CNN. You’re on a roll.