We rag on liberals a lot around here — as you’re well aware — but that doesn’t mean we won’t give them credit where it’s due. And some credit should most definitely be given to “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah, who did what a lot of his fellow liberals have refused to do: Call out Hillary Clinton for her hypocrisy on victims of sexual predation.

More from Salon:

“Look, there’s a few areas where I don’t necessarily expect Hillary Clinton to nail it,” Noah continued, “managing emails, visiting Wisconsin, you know, weaknesses. But I won’t lie, I expected standing up for a woman on her staff to be one of her strengths. So the story is disturbing.”

Noah said it was puzzling that the woman was the one reassigned after coming forward with her accusations, essentially punishing her while the accused was shielded. “It’s possible that Hillary Clinton had a good explanation for why she kept this guy on over the objections of her top campaign advisers but instead of an explanation, all we got was this.”

“Yeah, ‘women deserve to be heard,’ and then quietly reassigned,” Noah said. “‘Thank you for speaking up — now into the closet.'”

“It feels like Hillary’s not only trying to dodge all the blame, she wants to present herself as having always been on this woman’s side, which doesn’t fly, because not only did the woman get reassigned, but this guy, Burns Strider, he went on to get another job in Democratic politics, where he got fired for doing the same thing to other women,” Noah said. “So you could argue that if Hillary had fired him, she would have been protecting many women, instead of just herself.”

Here’s the full video (relevant portion starts at about the 2:00 mark):

Trevor Noah gets it. These people? Not so much:

Oh well. At least others aren’t tying themselves into knots to defend Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy:

She never should’ve spoken for them in the first place.



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