As Twitchy told you, MSNBC was all over the news that U.S. Ambassador to Panama John Feeley had resigned over Trump’s reported “shithole countries” remark. The problem was that Feeley resigned yesterday, before the remark was made public. Oops.

MSNBC segment producer Mary Emily O’Hara, who deserves a lot of credit for pushing that B.S. narrative, tried to walk it back after it had already spread far and wide. This was evidently the best she could come up with:

Misleading? Well, OK. That’s one way to put it …

So, it’s readers’ fault for being “confused” by her “misleading” tweet?


As several people pointed out, it broke yesterday. Which, coincidentally, is also when Mary apparently thinks all of us were born.

The phrasing wasn’t just “misleading,” Mary. It was dishonest.

Hey, here’s an idea:

So crazy, it just might work!