Tom Steyer’s impeachment efforts haven’t paid off so far, but this one is sure to make some real headway:

More from The Hill:

Democratic mega-donor Tom Steyer on Monday said he’ll run Times Square billboards as part of his ongoing campaign to impeach President Trump.

The signs will show how many individuals have signed a petition to impeach Trump, which the campaign said has received more than 2.5 million signatures.

The advertisement will run until New Year’s Eve and will appear for 10 minutes each hour, the campaign said.

Well, that’s it. Trump might as well start packing his bags right now.

Oh, Tom Steyer … bless your heart.

Why New York? This is why:

Yep. But if anything, Steyer’s only helping his name become synonymous with empty, embarrassing gestures.

Maybe that’s how Steyer stays extra-warm in the winter.

Editor’s note: This pot has been updated with an additional tweet.



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