Yesterday, in the wake of the deadly shooting in Northern California, Sally Kohn called for “BASIC common sense gun reform.” What that reform entailed was anybody’s guess, but since she said Congress needs to act, it’s safe to assume she was suggesting that more laws are the answer.

Well, about that:

More from the AP:

A judge had barred the Northern California man who went on a deadly shooting rampage from having guns after he was charged with stabbing a woman earlier this year.

Court records also show that Kevin Neal was charged with illegally firing a weapon and possessing an illegal assault rifle on Jan. 31. The 44-year-old was charged with five felonies and two misdemeanors.

The court records show a judge ordering Neal to stay away from the woman who was stabbed and her mother-in-law on Feb. 28. As part of that protective order, Neal was barred from having guns.

Oh, and then there’s this:

Tehama County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston says investigators found the body of Kevin Janson Neal’s wife hidden under the floor. Investigators believe the killing of his wife was the start of the rampage.

Given what we know about Neal, isn’t it time for a national conversation on the ineffectiveness of gun control legislation?

Existing laws didn’t stop him … which new laws would have?

Seems like common sense. And yet …

Evidently not. Gun control advocates seem hell-bent on making sure this stuff keeps happening. If they were genuinely interested in curbing gun-related crimes, they’d commit to getting to the root of the problem, rather than lashing out at law-abiding gun owners.

But if you’re waiting for them to willingly lay off their favorite punching bag, don’t hold your breath.