As Twitchy told you, Roy Moore’s wife Kayla has apparently been spreading B.S. in an attempt to discredit his most recent accuser Beverly Young Nelson.

But believe it or not, this all just got a whole lot weirder:


“I knew Kayla was going to be a special person in my life,” Roy Moore wrote. “Long afterward, I would learn that Kayla had, in fact, performed a special dance routine at Gadsden State years before.”

Kayla Moore was divorced and had a young daughter when Roy Moore married her in 1985. She was an adult when they dated and married, but she did attend school with the woman who accused Roy Moore of sexual assault in a Monday appearance orchestrated by attorney Gloria Allred. Beverly Young Nelson said she was a sophomore at Southside High School in 1977, alongside Kayla Kisor.

Um, what?



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