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Finger Guns?! Biden Was SUPER Cringe During That Dance BUT LOL, Did You See Kamala's Husband?! WATCH


As our brilliant, amazing, talented, gorgeous readers know, Joe Biden stood awkwardly still during a dance where Kamala Harris was shaking her booty along with a bunch of other people in the crowd, including her husband.


The Second Gentleman, Douglas Emhoff. Now, we certainly agree Biden's behavior was the main draw for a lot of outlets covering how bizarre the whole thing was BUT we couldn't help but notice how awkward and obviously uncomfortable Emhoff was.

Per Twitchy favorite Oilfield Rando, Kammy married 'the whitest white dude that has ever white duded.'

And now we can't stop watching Emhoff.

It's cringe.

Note, there are some people pointing out that Emhoff isn't white but that's not really the point of how awkward he appears during this dance.

So dapper.


+2 at best.



And yet somewhat entertaining in a train wreck sort of way.



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