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John Fetterman's big PRANK he pulled on Repubs behind Biden impeachment inquiry fails SPECTACULARLY (pic)

AP Photo/Ryan Collerd

All we can say seeing this is really and truly ... HURR DURR.

Seriously, we're not sure what is actually wrong with John Fetterman but SOMETHING is not connecting in this guy's noggin. Blame the stroke, blame the wife pushing him to run for an office he's clearly not qualified or cut out for but this guy's elevator does not go all the way to the top.


Like at all.

He really thought this was a dunk on Republicans pushing back against the indoctrination of our children by adults pushing the 'gender-affirming care' agenda. This proves the guy really doesn't have a clue how any of this works OR how we expect our senators to behave.

Take a look:

Oh no! He sure showed them! Good one, Bigfoot's drunk cousin.

*eye roll*

It's not even funny, right?


He's DEFINITELY not had a great week.


Or year.



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