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THIS --> Charles C.W. Cooke takes Biden WH (especially Karine Jean-Pierre) APART with 1 simple question

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

We've said it once, we've said it twice, and we'll probably say it a bunch more times.

Karine Jean-Pierre is not great at her job.

UNLESS, of course, the job is to openly lie to the American people and shrug, deflect, and play the victim when she's caught lying because wow, she is damn good at that. And we thought Jenn Psaki was good with her whole 'circling back' routine.


KJP is a liar's liar, and she's an unapologetic one at that.

Perfect for Biden when you really think about it.

Charles C.W. Cooke just needed one question to make all of the ABOVE look bad. Super bad even.

Let's not pretend they actually care if this works.

They don't care if we know they're lying.

They don't care if we're angry.

They don't care.


Well ... 

But THAT would mean admitting they have a problem, that WE have a problem.


It's not as if the mainstream media is all that concerned about holding this administration accountable.


See what we mean?



That's right, Lefties, I'm not your friend ... I'm a white suburban mom and I'm your worst nightmare

John Hayward explains point-by-point why Biden would LOSE if election was held today in BRUTAL thread

WHOA: Post sharing 'reported inside info' explaining how Democrats will install Newsom a real HUMDINGER


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