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Iowahawk OWNS Mayor Eric Adams for claiming border states are destroying HIS city with illegal immigrants

AP Photo/Brittainy Newman

If we keep sending illegal immigrants to New York City we're going to destroy the country. 

Or something.

Apparently, this is what NYC Mayor Eric Adams seems to think:


Those evil border states are funneling illegal immigrants to New York City.

Bro, you're a sanctuary city. THAT'S HOW IT'S SUPPOSED TO WORK.

Iowhawk with the one-two:

Texas deserves it!

Florida deserves it!

Something like that.

We especially like his use of, 'icky flyover whiners'. There's something eloquent about it.

There ya' go.

But then he and other Democrats in New York would have to stop patting themselves on the backs for how good and virtuous they are for being a sanctuary city.


Suck it up.


So much for that whole poem on the Statue of Liberty thing, right?

Sounds simple enough.

Buck up and deal with it.

Not seeing a ton of sympathy here, Eric.



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