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HUGE if true --> Receipt-filled thread suggests SHOCKING claims about the FBI, China, and our elections

Long ago, when we’d see threads like this we would always take them with a grain of salt because let’s be honest, this sounds SO OUT OF BOUNDS that there is no way it can be true. Right? RIGHT?! But then we noticed that a lot of the things we assumed were just conspiracy theories were coming true …


Now, since we’re obviously not experts in any of this and this is not in any way our research, we can neither confirm not deny if any of this is true or means much of anything HOWEVER, we can tell you it’s worth a read.

And if it is true?

Holy macaroni, y’all.

Take a look:

China. Really? Sadly … that reads. *adjusts tinfoil hat*

Keep going.

Election administration and logistics software.

Alrighty then.


Read that again.

The Chinese government has funded and overseen the development of Konnech’s American election software.


See what we mean?





Ya’ don’t say?

This is just insane.


Wait, what?!

No big whoop.

Fair question.

Crazy stuff.

Note: We did remove a few tweets from this thread as too many tweets can crash an article. The entire thread is still available on Twitter.



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