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Jaw-dropping thread exposes Lefty influencer MuellerSheWrote and if TRUE?! HOLY FAKE, Batman!

We can neither confirm NOR deny if any of this is true about Lefty influencer and Biden supporter, @MuellerSheWrote HOWEVER … this thread (which may be the longest thread we’ve ever written about) is one HELLUVA read. If even 10% of this is true (and we’re thinking it’s much more considering how she’s blocking anyone who shares the thread), HOO BOY, Biden sure can pick ’em.


Then again, Biden did pick a non-binary luggage thief for his administration so there’s that.

Seriously, get a snack, stretch a little because this thread is a doozy.

Ya’ don’t say.




It’s shocking, but not because anyone thought she was really telling the truth.

Keep going.

Except …

Fair point. If he hadn’t survived, Allison wouldn’t have been born.



But wait, there’s more.

So. Much. More.

Ain’t it though?

Awwww … she’s from that ERA … that doesn’t mean she was actually IN the Gulf War.

Whoda thunk?

Keep going.


Don’t it though?

Not even on a boat?! Say it ain’t so!


Note, this thread has over 100 tweets … it’s insane. If we cover the entire thread in just one article we could very well crash the site. From here on out, we only snagged the tweets we thought were the most shocking. If you feel the need to read the entire thing at this point it is still on Twitter.

For now.


Not bad at all.

Weird, right?

Oh, it gets worse.

A couple more stories …


Hoo boy.

Note, this is where we left out a bunch of tweets – just know what she allegedly wrote is really pretty horrible.

This is nuts, you guys.

YIKES, right?!



See, told you it was long.

Even with leaving some of it out … oh, and there are other threads out there tagged into the replies on this thread with even MORE insane claims. Crazy stuff. But as we said WAAAAAAY up there, we can neither confirm nor deny if any of this is true.

We can, however, share it, and let you decide for yourselves.



White Leftist pro-abort using Black women to push for abortion DROPPED by Black female pro-lifer (watch)

DAMNING FOIA request receipts PROVE how much the CDC worked with teacher’s unions to shut down schools

Why lie? I just want to keep giving Democrats/Lefties/Progs the middle finger


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