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David French gets FUSSY when Josh Hawley calls him out for his 'masculinity' hit-piece on the Right

The first name that comes to mind when we all think of masculinity is David French.

TOTALLY. Every single time.

Stop laughing. Ok, fine, laugh. We did.

And we get it, the New York Times hired him so he would write whiny stuff about right-wing culture but c’mon with this … really?


From the New York Times:

There is a certain irony in discussions of masculinity. The group that is most convinced of a crisis of masculinity, the American right, is also busy emasculating itself before our eyes. It correctly perceives that young men are facing an identity crisis, yet it is modeling precisely the wrong response.

Instead, the new right chooses to shriek about “groomers” on Twitter.

If you spend much time at all on right-wing social media — especially Twitter these days — or listening to right-wing news outlets, you’ll be struck by the sheer hysteria of the rhetoric, the hair-on-fire sense of emergency that seems to dominate all discourse.

David had to know he’d get a response from Josh Hawley … he’s all but picking a fight with him. He responded in kind:


Hard to blame Josh for responding since you know, David targeted him.

This reminds us of people who say stupid stuff and then play the victim when they’re called out for saying stupid stuff.

Thank you, David, for demonstrating our point.

That or he knows his audience at the NYT and wants to keep writing for them. They love a self-hating, beaten down, sad ‘conservative’ man who is willing to attack other conservative men. There is nothing more entertaining for a typical Times’ reader.


Because his new readers wouldn’t like that.




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