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This letter stinks of Rick Wilson. Oh, you didn’t know you can actually ‘smell’ certain things on social media? It’s true. There are some things that are so stupid, horrible, ridiculous, lame, and downright desperate that you can’t help but smell their stink. And while that’s true of almost everything we see from the ‘project,’ this open letter to DeSantis about his presidential announcement just REEKS.


And whether you’re a Trump or DeSantis (or Scott, Haley) supporter, we can all agree Wilson and his merry band of lawn flamingos are boils on the butt of humanity.

Take a gander:

From The Lincoln Project (sorry):

Congratulations on entering the 2024 Presidential primary process. Running for President is a life-altering event that will challenge your mental and physical abilities to the utmost.

But first, let’s cut to the chase: you’re going to get absolutely destroyed. Your awkwardness, disdain for people, and general disgust with the process, won’t help while you’re shaking countless hands in distant diners or standing in the middle of a fair posing for pictures with a butter cow.

You think you are owed a win, but you’ve never been attacked like Trump will wreck you. Your height, your recent and sudden weight loss, your terrible political judgment, the bad advice from domineering advisors, will all be fair game to Trump. He’s going to go through you like fingers through pudding. You’re too weak and afraid of Trump and his MAGA cult members to fight him to win.

Talk about reverse psychology. Nobody wants Trump to win the nomination more than these guys … without Trump, they’re just an annoying bunch of failed Republicans who never really won anything so they gave up and just became the ‘opposition’.



Hey man, that grift ain’t gonna grift itself.


Which you know cracks Trump up.

Now you’re thinking!

They’re really not, and that’s why they’re working so hard to try and get Trump which honestly will backfire on them either way. The last time Trump haters thought he was the one they could beat, he destroyed Hillary, and now they’re picking at DeSantis.

Who destroyed Democrats in Florida.

All things considered, Republicans have some excellent choices … we should all remember this. Not to mention the benefits of making these a-holes mad.


And poor.



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