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WaPo says it's a good thing Biden overreached on student loans, shakes fist at SCOTUS

Sure Biden overreached, but it’s the right thing to do. Or something.

At least that’s the take from our pals at the Washington Post.

No, really.


From WaPo:

But while we have criticized the Biden plan as a regressive and expensive mistake, we also believe it would be an overreach for the justices to strike it down. There are limits that restrict when and how the court can exercise its authority — and this is one of the instances in which it should recognize those limits.

Mr. Biden’s plan would offer $10,000 in loan forgiveness to borrowers making up to $125,000 a year, many of whom can afford to pay back the money they borrowed to obtain degrees that boost their earning power over a lifetime. Those who received Pell Grants, which the federal government offers low-income college students, would see a $20,000 break.

Sure, Biden screwed up BUT if SCOTUS doesn’t let his screw-up go, they’re screwing up.

We told you everything was dumb.

Is it though?



At least they’ve stopped pretending to be actual journalists with this one.



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