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David Hogg tells Americans they have no right to own a gun and yeah, that goes really really REALLY bad

Every time David Hoggs tweets, millions of Americans think less and less of Harvard. Imagine believing this brain trust sets a GOOD example for your university.


Hogg just keeps doubling down on stupid, especially when it comes to his favorite subject, mean guns that go pew pew pew.



But wait, there’s more.

Wow. So much wow, and we don’t mean that in a good way.

How about we just let Twitter say the rest for us:

This. ^




All of the above.

Right? We can just see the Founding Fathers sitting around after winning the war and saying, ‘You know, we should really make sure that only militias are able to be armed.’

Make it a PPV.






Comfortably Smug WALLOPS media who smeared the Right for KNOWING COVID was a lab-leak in BRUTAL thread

Teacher’s thread claiming sex between adults and minors is not ‘intrinsically harmful’ HORRIFIES Twitter

Elon Musk drops the MIC on media calling them straight-up RACIST for spinning Scott Adams’ remarks


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