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Gonna leave a mark! Comfortably Smug DROPS Chris Murphy for mocking Americans concerned over CCP balloon

If you’d have told us a year ago we’d be writing about Biden’s inability to react to a Communist Chinese balloon floating over our country … ok, so we wouldn’t have been the least bit surprised but still.


Seems the media, Lefties, and Democrats (same diff, we know) are super proud of Biden for taking the balloon out AFTER it already basically completed its mission.

Rah rah rah.

Biden gave the order.

Sure he did.


Democrats then took to Twitter to mock Americans who were understandably concerned about a Communist Chinese spy balloon floating over their heads.

Senator Chris Murphy really did a great job of embarrassing himself, his seat, his office, and his state.

Funny how they went from the balloon doesn’t exist, to the balloon is no big deal, to Biden got the balloon.

And gosh, if you were worried about our national security you’re a bed wetter.

Classy stuff.


Some Dems in Congress are literally in bed with them.


Yeah, this is bad, even for a Democrat.

Sad but true.

Unfortunately yes, yes he is serious.




Gotta love it, right?

And this guy’s a senator. Really?



Dom Lucre just DECIMATES ‘white privilege’ in thread asking white people what their privilege got them

Michael Shellenberger takes Hunter Biden APART for demanding his dad’s DOJ investigate whistleblower

If this thread about why America is REALLY helping Ukraine is true at ALL it’s HUGE (back to Obama?!)


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