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Hillary Clinton dragged SO MUCH for embarrassing tweet lacking all self-awareness she blocks replies

We know Hillary Clinton has like zero self-awareness but it’s not every day we see her own herself so completely and then LOCK DOWN THE REPLIES. She’s tweeted a lot of stupid stuff (or whoever tweets for her has), but this one was impressively moronic.


It was shortly after the J6 Committee announced they would be referring Trump to the DOJ for criminal charges.

And if anyone knows about being unfit for office it’s Hillary.

That has to really burn her saggy butt, knowing that she couldn’t beat Trump, no matter what she did.

She. Lost.

She really is the worst.

Say what you will about Trump, but he’s nowhere as evil, corrupt, or sideways as Hill-dawg.


We love this.

This visual actually works.

Which is terrifying.

All 12 of them.

She won’t.



Hey now, that’s an insult to dusty old bags everywhere.

And no matter what happens to Trump, she will always be the woman who lost to him.




Glenn Greenwald’s two-tweet swipe at ‘heroic, noble’ Liz Cheney is straight-FIRE and LOL

Matt Taibbi DROPS shady AF Ted Lieu for trying to keep people from reading #TwitterFiles

Jonathan Turley’s thread about how MUCH Democrats are panicking about free speech is GLORIOUS


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