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Not a great day to be Adam Schiff. Then again, is there ever really a great day to be that little weasel? Earlier we wrote about Schiff for Brains trying to get other representatives to help him keep Trump off Facebook, and now he’s coming after Elon Musk.


Almost as if Adam desperately wants to keep control over social media.

Almost as if Adam only wants one voice to be heard.

Sorta fascist-y of him, doncha think?

What’s abysmal and unacceptable is Adam being a total coward and not having the nards to tag Elon Musk when he straight-up lies about the site. Notice, Schiff Head doesn’t provide any sort of data or proof of his claim.

And he ‘demands’ action?

Get EFF’D.

Musk responded in kind.


Hate speech has gone down because under Musk, hate speech against conservatives is no longer ignored.

And Adam can’t stand that.

It probably makes Adam all sorts of fussy …

Aaand we’re dead.

Yeah, we know, it’s not the most mature tweet but we kinda sorta totally love it.



Ed Buck.


We tried this.

It’s true.



But see, Twitter was ok with certain people being hated on …

Schiff For Brains wouldn’t know the truth if it fell out of the sky, landed on his big dumb face and started to wiggle.



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